DVD 1 contains these two fabulous episodes:

“Doing the Flower” Randal the Beaver has petal envy! After he decides he’d rather be a flower than a beaver, Motilda the Mouse says she’d rather be a Dottie than a mouse! Even James the Flower wants to change and becomes a construction worker! Only Uncanny the Singing Can chooses to stay herself, sharing just how much she loves being a can in her song “I Can Can Can!” Soon, however, with the help of Dottie and a silly song—“Doing The Flower”—everyone realizes they’re already perfect, just the way they are. Featuring special guests, Moms Celia and Kajsa with their baby son Seth.

PARENTS: In "Doing the Flower" your children learn to value the things that make them (and others) unique while learning a fun new dance. Focus: social and musical education.

"Beat Beet" In between clearing up some confusion about “words that sound the same but have different meanings,” Motilda the Mouse gets a serious case of the hiccups—so serious that bops start flying out of her mouth! After trying several unsuccessful home remedies, Dottie saves the day by bringing out the infamous Magic Hiccup Hat! Then—voila!—Motilda is cured, or so we think... Later, Dottie’s friend Joe the Construction Worker stops by. Dottie asks Wally the Wall for a “beat” but is given a “beet” instead! Without missing a beat, Dottie and Joe turn this mix-up into music, singing and dancing with Joe’s “Beat Beet” rap.

PARENTS: In "Beet Beat" your children learn about word structure and silly puns, while helping their friends. Focus: intellectual and musical education.


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