DVD 2 contains these two fabulous episodes:

“Cheese Freeze” Join Dottie as she helps her friend Randal the Beaver with a cheesy dilemma… Randal has a new love: cheese! But ever since he stopped gnawing at tree branches in favor of hunks of cheddar, his big beaver teeth have grown outrageously long! With the help of Motilda the Mouse—and a can of Cheese Spree—Dottie shows Randal how he can have his branches… and eat cheese, too! Soon Randal’s teeth are back to normal, and Dottie leads everyone—even grouchy James the Flower—in singing the catchy "Cheese Freeze" song.

PARENTS: In "Cheese Freeze" your children learn the benefits of collaborative problem solving, plus some interesting factoids about beavers. Focus: social and emotional education.

“Sweet, Sour, Spicy” Come along with Dottie and the gang as they learn the difference between sweet, sour, spicy, and—James the Flower’s favorite taste—bitter! And, In the middle of some tasty—and tart—taste tests, Uncanny the Singing Can develops a cold. Soon, her soggy sneezes make her to start to rust. Something must be done! Wally the Wall has an idea: turn lemons into lemonade! After the Vitamin C-rich lemonade cures her cold, Uncanny develops a new appreciation for “sour.” Along the way, we also meet Candyface. Dottie helps solve his dilemma: how to stop getting cavities even though he’s made entirely out of candy!

PARENTS: In "Sweet, Sour, Spicy" your children will learn the academics of taste through song. They'll discover how taste buds work, which foods illicit what tastes, and how you can alter tastes by combining them together. Focus: intellectual and musical education.


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