Pink Pea is an independent production company dedicated to creating programming that represents the fabulous diversity of non-traditional families.

It was formed in 2007 by Tammy Stoner, Andrea Maxwell, Kathleen Latlip and Wayne M. DeSelle.

The number of children in non-traditional families is growing every day! According to the 2000 US Census (the most current data available), one-third of female partner households and one-fifth of male partner households in America have children. However, to-date children's programming for these families has not been available.

Pink Pea is committed changing that and to providing vital social and emotional support to these millions of children through the creation of high quality, positive images that they can relate to. Pink Pea will use this vision and its more than 65 years of combined experience to guide its creative programming, offering an attractive business model in a growing market.

Pink Pea programming will have as its signature strong scripts, high-quality visuals, and compelling performances, all of which will work together to convey images that resonate with all children — from both traditional and non-traditional families — helping future generations to develop compassion and understanding in our ever-diversifying world.

As an early entry into this market, Pink Pea has the unique opportunity to shape the future of children’s programming.

Pink Pea’s current production is Dottie’s Magic Pockets. Written by Tammy Stoner, directed by Andrea Maxwell, and starring Jen Plante, Dottie’s Magic Pockets invites children, ages 2-7, to enter the fun-filled world of “Dottie.” When Dottie pulls magic glitter from the pockets of her new sweater — "Viola!" Her home is transformed from its typical suburban bore into a zany funhouse filled with a gaggle of whimsical characters, including: Randal the Beaver, James the Flower, Uncanny the Singing Can, Motilda the Mouse, and a chorus of couch cushions. Episodes of the show will offer images and content that reflect the lives of children with gay parents.


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