Tammy Stoner, communications director Tammy created the concept and writes the majority of Dottie’s Magic Pockets’ scripts. Plus, she moonlights as the creative vocal brilliance that is Wally the Wall.

She was a finalist for Disney/Touchstone's 2007 Film Fellowship based on the submission of her feature film script, Intersection, which is currently in pre-production. She has worked at the Advocate, OUT, and HIV+ magazines, and was the book production manager for Alyson Books. Currently, she is a fiction editor and on the Board of Directors for Gertrude magazine. She has also edited three fiction anthologies and has had work published in more than a dozen magazines, ‘zines, and websites.

Her favorite kids’ shows growing up were Sigmund the Sea Monster and Jabber Jaw. She always wished she could be Wonder Woman, but feared she was actually Velma, from Scooby Doo.

Wayne M. DeSelle, Creative Director Wayne uses his extensive creative talents and expertise in art direction to help brand Pink Pea and its productions. Wayne has designed the company website and all logos and packaging, created the puppets Uncanny and Motilda the Mouse, and animated James and Princess.

An award-winning art director for The Advocate as well as a gifted designer and producer, Wayne now heads his own company and has designed everything from magazines, books and catalogs to marketing campaigns and retail packaging.

He still does cartwheels (yes, at his age) and is attracted to anything sparkly. His favorite books as a kid were The Phantom Tollbooth and The Great Brain books because they made everyday places sound exotic, and fantastic places seem real.

Andrea Maxwell, Director/Editor Andrea uses her extensive technical and creative skills to direct and edit Pink Pea productions. In addition to her role in Pink Pea, with more than 14 years of experience in the entertainment industry, Andrea has edited commercials for NEC and Suzuki and has acted as VFX editor on such blockbuster films as Spiderman and Ghost Rider.

As a child, she danced around her room with her arms outstretched and she imagined she was a Zoom kid. Everyday she raced home from school to watch her favorite cartoon Speed Racer.

Karena Meehan, Marketing & Promotions Director
As Marketing & Promotions Director, Karena will use her communications expertise (and her well-developed “Spidey sense”) to create awareness of Pink Pea and its productions as well as to develop relationships between Pink Pea and the LGBT community, the media, and the general public (including non-LGBT-based groups). An award-winning communications consultant and freelance writer, Karena has worked with Fortune 500 companies across a variety of industries for the past 10 years.

She does a mean Henrietta Pussycat impersonation, adored the Banana Splits and still thinks longingly of her beloved Dynomutt thermos (may it rest in peace).


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