Dottie’s Magic Pockets invites children, ages 2-7, to enter the fun-filled world of Dottie (Jen Plante), a wacky mom whose house seems suddenly empty when her partner, May, leaves to take their son, Oliver, for his first day of school. To cheer up his mom, Oliver gives her a gift: a sweater with huge, dotted pockets.

After they leave, Dottie reaches into the pockets of her new sweater and finds magic glitter! When she sprinkles the glitter around—"Voila!—her living room is transformed from its typical suburban bore to a zany funhouse filled with a gaggle of whimsical characters, including: Randal the Beaver, James the Flower, Uncanny the Singing Can, Motilda the Mouse, and a chorus of couch cushions.

This live action program is the first of its kind to specifically target children of lesbian and gay parents. Each episode will use upbeat music, fun animations, and loveable puppets to highlight simple life lessons and universal experiences in the lives of all children as well as specific images and content relevant to children of non-traditional families.

The first DVD of Dottie’s Magic Pockets is currently in production and is scheduled for release in September 2007. Review copies will be available in June 2007. You can read all about it below!



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